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About Us

Since its foundation in 1940 House of Turnowsky has built a global reputation for innovative design and timeless elegance. The third generation

of Turnowskys took the helm in 2007, helping the company to grow exponentially with this new influx of artistic sensitivity, for which we are


The hallmarks of creative excellence run through every House of Turnowsky design, from luxurious high-end stationery, greeting cards and

calendars through to an exquisite portfolio of images available for license. Every year we bring to market two new card and stationery collections,

with 300 original designs across ten authentic concepts. Bespoke collections for some of the most prestigious publishers in the world are also

part of Turnowsky's design universe.

Since 2016, our Licensing Programme has taken our creative heritage to new heights, creating beautiful bespoke textiles, home décor, fashion

accessories, gifts and lifestyle products. Our secret to success in this field is a rich historical archive of thousands of designs collected over the

past 80 years and a superb inhouse design studio of talented professionals from a variety of creative backgrounds. Together they work hand in

hand to meet the challenge of constantly evolving global design trends.

This combination and our instinct for style at the heart of everything we do, create a never-ending flow of design creativity and international


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