Calligrapher / Artist

Sisyu's work has appeared in the NHK period drama Ryomaden, on the NHK art program Bi-no Tsubo

(The Mark of Beauty), on decorative banners for Ise Shrine, and in promotions in Japan for the Disney /

Pixar movie Inside Out. She was the first Japanese person to receive both a gold medal and the

premiere gold medal from the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (SNBA) at the 2014 exhibition held at

the Louvre Museum's Carrousel du Louvre. Art critics at the exhibition praised her work saying,

"Hokusai took the three dimensional and made it two dimensional; Sisyu takes the two dimensional and

makes it three dimensional." She was selected as the world's only Special Invitee to the following year's

exhibition. She was also the first Japanese person to receive this honor since famed painter, Taikan


In 2015, she was in charge of the Scene I (entrance hall) space of the Japan Pavilion at EXPO Milano

and received the gold prize for best exhibition.

She has brought Japan's traditional art of Sho into the realms of painting, media art, and sculpture,

creating singular works of modern art expressing the emotions and ideas inherent to Chinese characters.

These efforts have served to communicate Japanese culture and philosophy to a global audience.

She is a professor at Osaka University of Arts.

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