Pierre-Joseph Redouté

He was born in Belgium in 1759 and is known as the artist who established a multicolour print technique using copperplate. All his artwork was hand

painted and his precise renderings and exact painting technique helped him to become an official court artist for Marie Antoinette and Napoleon's

Empress, Joséphine. His fame as 'the greatest botanical artist' became established through well-known examples "Croix des plus belles fleurs" and "Les


His original prints have been selling in auctions since the 1900's and he has become very popular. For example, Steve Jobs is known as a collector and

Mr Tetsuya Okunobu, the world's biggest Redouté collector contributed to publish "Croix des plus belles fleurs" and "Les Roses" in Japan (The

Connoisseur's Collection Tokyo).

More than 20 exhibitions have been held over 14 years since 2003 and attracted one million visitors. His art also inspired many designers. In fashion,

Redouté's rose motifs are used in Vivienne Westwood's collection. Through the above, over 200 years Redouté has proved his undying popularity.

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