Izumi Motoya

Japanese Kyogen actor

Born in 1974. The first son of Izumi Motohide, the 19th-generation head master of one of the

two traditional schools of Kyogen, the Izumi school, which has 580 year history. His

grandfather, Miyake Tokuro the9th, was designated by Japanese government as a Living

Nathional Treasure. In recent years, he has been dedicated to promoting Kyogen by

performing at shrines and temples such as the world heritage Ise Jingu Shrine, at

performances sponsored by local governments, student workshops, and at overseas

performances including the World Expo.

He has been active in various fields, such as hosting NHK's annual popular show, Kohaku

Utagassen, starring the NHK Taiga drama “Hojo Tokimune”and performing leading roles at

the Meijiza theater and the Koma theater, the most famous theaters in Tokyo. He has also

appeared in a Nescafe advertisement.

Most recently he won the Best Actor Award in the short film category of the Berlin

International Film Maker Festival and the best film award in the short film category of the

Madrid International Film Festival for his appearance in “Satsuma Ogojo”directed by Yuji

Kakizaki. He was also awarded Best Supporting Actor for his appearance in another Kakizaki

film “When the Sun Falls”at the Milan International Film Maker Festival for the short movie

category. Currently, he acted in the Amazon Prime Video, “ULTRAMAN ORB THE ORIGIN

SAGA”. He also appears in various theaters and is scheduled to appear in Masatoshi

Akihara's film “KappaⅡ” this autumn.

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