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"LIFE" is a "Graph magazine" published in the United States from 1936 to 2007. "LIFE" was an innovative magazine medium that disseminated the

United States and the world, whose main focus was photography rather than the text of photojournalism. The LIFE property has many categories.

The following are representative categories.

① History (historical case)

② Hollywood (Entertainment)

③ Innovations of Photography (Innovations of Photography)

④ Sports (Sports)

⑤ Science & Tech (Science & Tech)

⑥ Fashion (Fashion)

⑦ Music (Music)

Currently, "LIFE" property is owned by Meredith, Inc. of the United States, and its image materials are huge. Meredith rents a lot of images to Getty,

and recently rents many properties to apparel "Supreme". Culture-Commnications has signed an exclusive license agreement for the "LIFE" property

in Japan. Culture-Commnications introduces many "LIFE" properties mainly in the United States.

Reminder : Licensee acknowledges that they indemnify LIFE against all claims of publicity that may arise out of use of an image,

chooses to use such images at their own discretion, and assumes all possible risk.

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