Born February 5, 1966.

The eldest daughter of parents working as interior designers, Kawakami was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father Shinji and mother Reiko actively work

in the design field.

Kawakami made her acting debut in the 1980 NHK drama Kizuna. The same year, she garnered attention for her role on TBS' Kinpachi-sensei program.

In 1996, she won the Japan Movie Professional Leading Actress award for her role in the movie Debeso. She has also had a side career of over ten years

as a glass designer after encountering northern European glass blowing in Sweden, often called a "glassworks kingdom." Every other year since 2005 she

has held a solo exhibition. Her many diverse talents also include writing. She penned Kare-no Kanojo-to Watashi-no 538-nichi -- Neko-kara Hajimaru

Shiawase-no Katachi, which tells the story of a carefree life with three cats. She also translated the northern European picture books Ai-no Hon and Shi-

no Hon.

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