Yvonne Sutherland, creator of Happy Hens, with a background in Arts Education, was an art teacher for 10 years in various secondary schools in

Dunedin. Since her young days she has always been passionate about colour and design and was always drawing and painting which eventually led to

the creation of the iconic, instantly recognisable Happy Hens which are admired and collected around the world. Her husband John was an Arts & Crafts

Advisor for the NZ. Education Dept and they have five grown up children. When the kids left home, the Happy Hens moved in!

Yvonne was newsletter editor for the Dunedin-Otaru Sister-City Committee and three times escorted youth groups to the International Art Camp in

Sapporo, organised by the Hokkaido Shimbun Press in the late 1980's and early 1990's. She admires Japanese Art and culture and loved her visits to


After 35 years, she continues to develop new designs and she reckons, creativity never dies! Her Portobello studio is a destination place for tourists

from all around the world.

The award-winning Happy Hens continue to delight and enchant and to share their magic wherever they go!

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